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Early 2013, brothers Benson and Nelson came up with the idea of a Smart Cafe. They envisioned a coffeehouse where they didn’t need to wait in line; where they could choose, customize and pay for their order before they walked through the doors. Nelson, the ever shrewd businessman, realized that a cafe could generate better revenue by increasing consistency and efficiency during peak hours. Benson, the coffee romantic, wanted to make this happen with the caveat that they keep making great coffee.

Under a new name, NBition, the brothers started to architect this automated system. They started tinkering with coffee machines and enlisted help from industry experts. But the more they learned about brewing coffee, the clearer it became that there wasn’t any single machine powerful enough to brew every recipe and satisfy everyone’s tastes. To solve this problem, NBition formed a new branch company called Arist, whose mission is to build the next generation of coffee machines that were highly flexible, precise and automated.

The word Arist is taken from the middle five letters of the word “barista,” as it embodies the heart of a real barista. By integrating the concept of recipes on a cloud-supporting platform and the convenience of mobile software, Arist goes beyond what a machine can do.

Along these lines, the brothers with the Arist team began to work on their first prototypes. It was an engineering challenge to build a product that could “do all,” to satisfy even the nerdiest of coffee drinkers.


There are two parts of our business model. The first is Arist, the smart coffee machine for the ultimate convenience at home. The second is Arist Cafe, the smart cafe that will provide the ultimate convenience on the go.

These two combined is our competitive edge that creates a positive feedback loop. For instance, any improvements of the Arist machine in turn improves the quality of the coffee at Arist Cafe and feedback collected from Arist Cafe can be used to improve the Arist coffee machine.

For our customers, Arist Cafe is where convenience and consistency is made possible with smart technology. For our business, it is a cafe of the future, where everything is mostly automated, requiring less manpower and rent space.

We are shaking the coffee industry by its foundations. In the home-use sector, we are competing against capsule machines. In the commercial sector, we are competing against giant chain stores like Starbucks and Pacific Coffee. The Arist and Arist Cafe business model is now underway, to kill two birds with one stone. Join us in our adventure, to change the world of coffee one cup at a time!