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∨  What is the output voltage or outlet? 

Regarding the concerns about voltage, the Arist is a bi-voltage machine, allows 100-120V or 220-240V, with an interchangeable multi-plug outlet. We will ship you the right voltage version of your country.

∨  Is there a LED light on the machine for indication? 

Yes, right below the button on the front of Arist, there is a small multi-color LED light. When you control Arist without the app, e.g. with NFC sticker, the LED light is there to indicate various alerts and feedbacks. There are many signals the LED light has to tell you apart from the ones you have kindly listed, like NFC recipe assignment success, waste tank being full, etc.. Therefore, we are designing a protocol for the LED light that is simple to understand, yet is capable of giving various complicated feedback.

∨  Is there a warranty attached to the project?

We offer 1 year warranty, as we have designed our components to be modularize hence changeable, we ship replaceable parts for free during warranty period no matter where you are.

∨  Will you ship internationally? If so, what is the cost?

We offer international free shipping. (Excluding import duties.)

∨  Can any coffee beans be used? Like the ones I get from a specific grocery store?

Yes, you can use any beans purchased at any store as long as they are roasted beans.

∨  Is the milk container removable for storage in the refrigerator? Will the unit keep the milk cool while not in use?

There are 2 features regarding our milk container:
1) The milk container is detachable you can take the whole container out and put it in the fridge.
2) As long as the container is attached on Arist, it will be powered with a mini cooler maintaining milk below 4 degree Celsius, so you can be lazy and keep the milk there for up to 2-3 days without worrying it will turn bad.

∨  What are the dimensions of the machine?

Our current design is 440 mm height, 150 mm width, and 220 mm depth. But this could subject to increase by about no more than 10%.

∨  Can I use my own syrups? Will I be able to brew coffee without adding syrups?

Syrups are optionals, we provide capsule syrups so you get to use different taste of syrup every time. You are free to use any syrups you like as because Arist comes with empty cartridge so you can add your own syrup into the machine.

∨  What is the maximum size of coffee cup we can use?

Max 6 inches, the drip tray can be detached for you to insert a 8 inches cup.

∨  Can you tell me more about the self-cleaning functions? 

The auto-cleaning is performed when the machines turns on and off. Water of 90°C is passed and recycled through the machine to remove all essential oils stains. The high temperature is necessary to achieve the highest level of cleanliness. Also, the components of the machine have a protective seal on the surface created from special active ingredients, providing long-lasting protection from coffee residue and essential oils.

∨  Does Arist have a water filter?

Arist equips with water filter itself, and can be replace when needed. With a household consumption of coffee, the filter can be use for up to a year before replacing, replaceable filter can be purchase from us. Also, Any Arist machine will come with a spare filter right from the beginning.

∨  Volume of all containers?

Water- 1 Liter
Milk – 1 Liter
Coffee bean – 200 grams x 2

∨  What is the maximum temperature for water and milk?

Water we can get up to 95 degree Celsius, and for Milk we can get up to 80 degree Celsius.

∨  How do you descale the container?

We have a cleaning tablet that will run with our machine for descaling. It is expected to be use every 3-6 month depending on your usage.

∨  What kind of grinder does Arist use?

We are using a Porcelain conical burr grinder.

∨  Maximum pressure bar setting?

19 bars is the max pressure bar

∨  What about energy conservation?

When the machine is not in use, it enters standby mode and the brewing group will be turned off, meaning the heater is turned off so the water is not constantly heated. However the command receiver will remain on. Regarding the cooler, it will only turn on if the milk container is inside the cooler. So if you prefer, you can always put it in the fridge after each use. As for energy consumption, it has not been optimized in the prototype yet, but we will do our best to minimize it in the manufacturing model.

∨  Does the Arist support multiple users?

Yes, every user can control Arist using the app, they will have their custom setting and a set of recipes on their phone. Multiple users can connect to Arist when sharing the same WiFi network, but Arist can only take in one request of brewing at a time.

∨  Is the Arist app free to download?

Yes, Arist App will be free to download on App-store, Google play and Windows phone (Market Place).

∨  Do you have retailers?

As of now we only offer online purchases, but we aim to establish retailers in the near future.

∨  Will more NFC stickers be available for purchase?

Yes, additional NFC stickers are available to purchase on our website.

∨  Does Arist have color coded NFC stickers?

Yes, 6 color coded NFC stickers will be shipped with each Arist for you to enjoy!

∨  Does Arist work without server / internet / wifi connection?

Yes, Arist can operate without a server, you can make coffee without connecting it to the internet. The wi-fi is for your phone to communicate with Arist, also it is needed for you to download the app to enjoy the worldwide recipes. Bluetooth is also available as a back up connection for people who don’t have wi-fi.

∨  Are the glass cups per Arist or per backer?

The NFC cups and stickers will be shipped per Arist not per Backer.